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Cosmetic Dentistry

Tooth Whitening

Professional tooth whitening has the power to lift the colour of your teeth by several shades. Whether carried out in the practice chair - harnessing the power of light - or at home after having a digital scan and tailor-made tooth whitening trays made to fit you perfectly, this most frequently- requested treatment is probably the easiest way to give your smile a make-over. Beena will then treat your teeth with professional-grade tooth whitening gel of just the right percentage to effectively elevate your tooth colour by several shades. Once your trays have been specially made for you, you can keep them and top up the whitening every few months to ensure your teeth remain stain-free and sparkling white.


White Fillings

It is possible to fill a cavity with tooth-coloured filling material so that it blends seamlessly with the rest of your teeth, leaving your mouth aesthetically unblemished.


Gone are the days when you laugh and unwittingly show a mouthful of metal fillings, however many people are keen to replace their amalgam with white fillings - and this is something Beena is skilled in carrying out.


Having a missing tooth or teeth can impact your life - and confidence - in so many ways. It can make it harder to speak clearly or eat hard and chewy food.  It can also have a knock-on effect on other teeth in your mouth as there is nothing in place to stop them from moving or tipping.  Rather than having removable false teeth created, it is now possible to replace a missing tooth (or teeth) with a long-lasting titanium post that is secured into the jaw bone and topped with a realistic tooth-like crown.                    

Screenshot 2021-10-20 at 15.55.57.png
Screenshot 2021-10-20 at 15.58.57.png


There are so many ways in which one can damage the teeth which means they look less than even.  The teeth can often become chipped or an injury can lead to a crack or jagged edge.   Beena is skilled in the art of disguising uneven teeth with the latest aesthetic tooth treatment - known as cosmetic bonding.   She can blend tooth-coloured resin material to perfectly match each tooth and smooth out any number of minor imperfections. Bonding is also a great way to complete the perfect smile after Invisalign treatment and tooth whitening.   

Crowns, including same-day crowns using CEREC

A tooth crown is a cap made of a ceramic compound that is placed over a real tooth that has become cracked or broken.  Not only is it more aesthetically pleasing but it protects the damaged tooth from further wear and from bacteria getting into the roots and the gum.  Beena is adept at creating same-day crowns using the CEREC system. This is a technologically sophisticated computer-aided manufacturing system that can be used to design and fashion crowns.  In just one visit to the practice, she can create and place your realistic tooth restoration using 3D printing. The resulting crown is durable and natural-looking as it is designed to match the shape and colour of the rest of your teeth.


Red light promotes skin cell regeneration, improved blood circulation, pain relief, and activation of active ingredients

Yellow light improves rosacea, erythema, and herpes zoster in early stages.


Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding or clenching is a surprisingly common habit that is described as being ‘parafunctional’; meaning behaviour that is outside what your teeth are actually designed to do.  The medical name for this is ‘bruxism’.  Studies have suggested that as many as 6 million Brits experience the condition, however, people are often only made aware that they are grinding or clenching at a dental check-up. Bruxism can damage the teeth, with many experiencing tooth wear, chipped, cracked, or broken teeth, and increased dental sensitivity. People can also experience other symptoms such as headaches (especially in the temple area) enlarged jaw muscles, tightness or clicking in the jaw area, as well as facial pain. Beena can create a digital scan of your teeth and produce a tailor-made device you can wear at night when you are most likely to grind unconsciously in your sleep, and whilst this does not stop you from grinding or clenching, it will protect your teeth from further damage. 


One of the best ways to cover permanently stained or damaged teeth is with slivers of very fine dental material to disguise the flaws. More common these days are dental bonded veneers which are glued to the surface of the tooth structure. The material of the veneer – such as porcelain or composite - will be chosen with the individual’s dental habits and lifestyle choices in mind.  Veneers can add youthful volume to the lips and face and can bring symmetry to the face, creating a more even smile. They can also help with enamel erosion and veneers will not stain like ordinary teeth, so they are not affected by what you eat or drink.

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